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About TrialScout

What is TrialScout?

TrialScout is the only online resource for patients to find and review research centers. On TrialScout you can:

We also have content to help you learn about clinical research and why it should be considered as a care option.

What is our privacy policy?

You can read our privacy policy here.

Do I have to pay to use TrialScout?

No, TrialScout is built for patients and is completely free to use.

Who can I talk to at TrialScout?

To contact our customer support team, please contact us and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can. We love getting feedback from our visitors and are here to help.

Research Centers

How to find a research center in three easy steps:
  1. Go to the “Look Up a Research center” page
  2. Type in your City, State or Zip code and the name of the research center
  3. Click the ‘Search’ button

The results will show the top ten research centers for you.

If you can’t find your research center use the “Don’t see your research center?” button. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

How do I rate a research center on TrialScout?
  1. Go to the ‘Rate a Research center’ page
  2. Type in the City, State, or Zip code and the name of the research center
  3. Fill out the questions based on your experience
Why isn’t my research center listed on your site?

We list every research center in the United States who has registered a clinical trial on If your research center is owned by a larger organization, try searching by the larger research center name. If you still don’t find your research center, use the “Don’t see your research center?” button. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Where do you get the data on the research centers?

We use data from a variety of publicly available online resources including and the Department of Homeland Security. Our rating algorithm is designed to objectively measure the quality, experience and infrastructure of research centers.

Are research centers paying to be featured on TrialScout?

We have created a research center profile for every research center for which we had sufficient data. Some research centers do pay us to promote their research program with extra information about their center. They also have expanded profiles that are visually distinct from non-subscriber research centers and show up at the top of the search results.

ALL research centers that are conducting clinical trials relevant to your search are presented regardless of whether they are subscribers.

Can a research center pay to change their rating?

No. All ratings are based on publicly available data and reviews left by clinical trial patients.

How can I contact a research center?

We provide emails, phone numbers and addresses for all research centers if we have access to them. If there is no contact information you can contact us for help.

Why are some reviewers tagged as authenticated or qualified, while others are not?

The more information a reviewer provides, the more impact their review will have. This helps us verify the authenticity of the reviewer and ensures high quality reviews for other patients.